Thursday, 10 November 2011

How You Can Build a Better Life

Belive in Yourself first, then gradually day by day, week by week your faith in your inner being, that natural organic goodness will return.

All too often it's easy to lose hope, to become despondent and to worry too much.  It takes courage to keep walking into tomorrow with the feeling that you didn't like today.  

It takes discipline to push the negative thoughts out of your mind only focusing on the positive ones, only wanting to hear those uplifting thoughts that make you feel better.

It takes willingness to want a better future and being prepared to wake up the next day and face what may come.   It takes belief in the knowledge it can't always be hard, it can't always be rough and remembering you have had good days in the past sometimes, so good days can happen again.

It takes wisdom to follow the beat to your distant drummer, and to walk bravely into the day not knowing what lies in store but feeling content you'll be fine, come what may.

It takes insight to be grateful for the small bonuses in life, for small pleasures, for all the good moments that added up to a joyful time.  It takes wanting to laugh, looking for love, searching for self esteem and longing for increased happiness that powers you on to go forward without a life map in your hand.

All of these little traits such as bravery, courage, wisdom and inner knowing come from your soul and are always present inside you.  Funny, how little time you spend sensing your intuition, feeling your gut feelings and more importantly following your sixth sense.

If only, you trusted yourself more. If only, you did what you thought you ought to do.  If only, you turned left instead of right when you felt it should be left but ignored that feeling inside.  If only you called that friend when the thought came into your mind instead of dismissing it and not ringing.  If only you loved yourself and if only you knew how powerful you really are and if only you used that inner knowing to live life joyfully.

If only you knew all this yesterday instead of getting angry and if only you could apologise to yourself first as well as others. If only you didn't take things so personally.  If only.......

Tomorrow is another day, a new day with new ways and you can follow your intution, follow your gut feelings and feel better about yourself and life in general.  You can, and eventually you will.

For every client who comes to me wanting to find happiness and make it can!  If only you knew, what you already knew!

Light and Love....................Margit x

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