Monday, 28 November 2011

How To Handle Frustrations!

How to Handle Frustrations!

Feeling like you're stuck?
No clear guide lines?
What do you do next?
What's the right way?
How do you deal with people?
What's the right thing to say?
What is the next move?

If you've ever felt frustrated you'll know what it feels like.  It can feel like you're about to burst your bubble, or explode like a vulcano and sometimes it feels like you want to walk away.

Why do you think frustrated feelings rise?  If you believe it's because your hindered by someone else, or something else, then you're belief is that other people or situations can hinder your freedom of choice.

Let's take a quick example to highlight the real reason frustrating feelings rise.

A Mother is rushing to get her child to school on time. Her son son is dawdling and being on time is not a priority to him.  He's young, and enjoys the distraction his toys in his bedroom give him.  His mind wanders to how he hasn't investigated how far his toy robot can shoot his laser beam and as time is on his side while he is young, he take the time to play.

Mum on the otherhand is responsible for her son arriving at school on time, presentable and with recess snacks and lunch, plus all the relevant homework books he brought home the day before.  She tries to teach her son responsibility by shouting orders at him such as 'don't forget to pack your homework!' while she is rushing around the kitchen packing his lunch box and has the ironing board ready to iron his school shirt.

A Mother and a son, two different individuals, with two differing personalities that approach life in two very different ways and ultimately have two extremely different agendas. 

It doesn't matter what scenario brings your frustration, but it will be from a feeling of powerlessness, becoming impatient or trying to hard, too perfectly and controlling an outcome.

In the example you can almost visualise the Mother's impatience at her son's lack of attention to time slipping away and he not getting ready.  The Mother will feel her frustrations risisng and either react or respond, depending on her core belief system. 

What did your Mother used to do or say when she felt frustrated?  What did your Father used to do or say when he felt frustrated?

What do you do or say when you feel frustrated?

Harmony and inner balance brings joy, happiness and peace of mind.  Feeling frustrated diminishes peace.

Your main concern HAS to be on your own inner peace, in any given situation.

Do the waves of life rock you off course?  Do what other people say, or what other people do influence you so much that you lose your sense of balance and inner peace?

Are you, your source of unbalance?  Are you self-critical, self-pressuring and even self-loathing?

Are you just plain hard on yourself?  Where did you learn this?  Where did you see this example and copy it?

Returning to self-support, self-assurance and self-love is the real work and then every day re-aligning, re-balancing and re-gaining confidence, self-trust and all knowing will quieten your frustrations.

Pivot your thoughts instantly you feel frustrated by reminding yourself that you cannot and were not born to, control what other people say or do, or rush results or demand instant delivery of desires!

You will burn valuable energy trying to make things happen, trying to make people do what you want them to do, trying to fix the things in your life you feel need to be fixed.  

Fix your inner harmony first, and then life around you will mirror your inner peace!

Trust money is ready to arrive so it relief is restored, and life around will deliver money!

Walk confidently in the steps you are creating, knowing success is growing, and life will bring you many rewards!

Walk, think, speak and act as if you know a secret, and that secret is that life is matching up all the people, places and things you need in order to have what you've been asking for, and all you have to do is keep your inner peace, because when you're living expecting all good things to come, you walk with the smile of a Cheshire Cat who's knows what's in store and is extremely pleased it's coming!

So in summary, you can now see, perfectly clearly, that frustration is ONLY a signal.  Your signal that YOU are OUT of alignment with self!

Frustrations are signalling you that you're allowing some doubt or fear to ruin your peace of mind, AND, it's YOUR job to rectify your inner balance immediately.

Pivot your thoughts in an instant and sit back and allow it to unfold, for it will be perfect if you just get out of the way of controlling.

The wise Mother would stop flurring away in the kitchen, and become aware of that familiar sound of joy coming from her Son's room.  She would calmly walk to his bedroom and upon seeing her son playing, kneel down to him and connect.  Touching him gently, looking in his eyes warmly, she would say 'I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself but now it is time to enjoy and share with your school friends, let me help you get ready'.

Her warmth of understanding, her compassion at his youthful ignorance of time, restores a connection of trust between Mother and son and he immediately shares his verbal excitement at what he wants his toy robot to do as he is holding her hand and walking back to his bed to pack his school bag with his homework. 

Two minutes of connecting removes all possible frustration and disharmony and swiftly exemplifies from Mother to child a life lesson in trust, society's rules and that love is the master of any peaceful co-operation.

How can you remove the frustrations from your life?  Shouldn't the real question be, "How Can You Restore Harmony?"

Next time you feel frustrated, maybe something's not happening quick enough, maybe you have no proof that all is well, or you can't see your way to succeed.....take a moment and pivot your thoughts on restoring self-harmony.  Relax, unwind and let Mother Nature remind you, that everything in your life is perfectly lined up and sometimes you're not supposed to 'see' it all before hand.

Light and Love.................Margit x

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