Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Set Your Heart Free - Discover Your Soul Love

Set Your Heart Free

 Discover Your Soul Love....

Are you wondering if you will ever really be happy?

Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering why being in a relationship is so hard?

You are not alone - millions of people world wide ask themselves every day "why can't I be happy?"

Millions of people question whether being in love is worth it?  Loving someone can cause heartache, worry, stressful thoughts, anxiety, jealousy and insecurity, just to name a few inner phobia's!

Being loved may bring lack of freedom, emotional suffocation, fears of not being good enough and the worry of losing your partner!  Some people don't know what it's like to be loved or in a long term relationship?  Some people are so fearful of losing their freedom they stay single right into mid life.

Why can Love cause so much doubt?   Do you worry about not finding the love of your life?  Are the years ticking along, are you still single?

Is it really love that causes doubt and fears to rise? Or could it possibly be your doubts and your fears rising as love is a catalyst within you? is coming soon!  A website which will be filled with answers on how to find love, secure love and keep love burning bright!

You will discover how to set YOUR heart free!  You will discover how to stay strong yet open your heart to receiving love and giving love WITHOUT insecurities rising.  You will get proven formula's that will light up your life, bring you REAL happiness and RESTORE genuine friendships and soul partner love in your life!

With over 20 years of professional experience in Personal & Spiritual Development, teaching in classes, workshops and speaking on a multitude of stages, I've discovered there is ONE commen denominator that everyone misses when trying to find love, secure love or keep love in their life!

That ONE KEY missing element is Self-Love!   If you don't have it, you NEED it!  You think you Love yourself fully, you're going to be surprised at just how much more you can top yourself up with more self-love.

Self-Love = Self Assurance.

Every area in your life that you are wanting happiness, contentment or success, REQUIRES that you be Self-Assured first, and then you can easily move into living abundantly!

So, join me here, as I share with you often, How To Find, Secure and Keep Love Longer, and soon you'll be on your way to HAPPINESS, JOY , LOVE and more LAUGHTER then ever before!

I'd love to hear from you what you think?  Leave your comment below!....

Light and Love.....................Margit x

Monday, 5 December 2011

"Are You Ready to Receive Success?"

Are You Ready to Receive Success?

Have you given up on your dreams?

Do the days seem long and tiring?

Do negative thoughts dominate your mind?

It's time to turn it all around!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You know you've want your dreams?

Don't give up now?

Life throws curve balls.  You'll step up to bat and swing and miss sometimes!  It's a fact that some days are better than other days.  But what you forget is that on the day you swing and miss,  is a needed life lesson to mirror to you that you haven't trained your mind and you still focus on what's missing, instead on what you have or what is coming!

What's being taught here?  That you shouldn't focus on here and now?  Well, if here and now, the present, isn't what you want it to be, then no, you shouldn't focus on what you don't have, what hasn't arrived, what hasn't eventuated or what is lacking in your life.

If what is here and now, the present, is what you want, what you expected, what you desired or what makes you happy, then KEEP focusing on those good feelings.  Feeling 'Good' makes a different energy vibration inside you than feeling lousy, and good vibrations attract more good vibrations, which means good energy matches good energy, bringing into your life matches of people, places and things that make you feel good!

Let's get back to your life dreams and your wants and desires.   Dust them off and bring them out into the open again.  Recreate your long lost dreams if you need to with someone else in the dream if you can't dream with the past partner anymore.  Recreate your dream with other people, or places or things if your past means you can no longer be your future.  Remember, it's not about who, what, when or where specifically right now, it's firstly about rejuvinating and regenerating your dreams once again!

So now you know there will be days when your dream stays in the cupboard called your mind and doesn't get a glimpse.  Now you know there will be days when you take your dreams out and use them and play with them and enjoy them for days and days with Joy!

Keep your dreams alive.  You become Ready to Receive Success when your dreams make you feel so good, when your dreams bring you warmth and hope and when your dreams become your strength to overcome doubt and fear.

You are ready to receive success today!  You're more ready than you realise.  You've been dreaming for years and you've asked the universe for years for all that you want and desire.  Now you need to be in 'expectancy' mode, ready to receive any day now, with patience, knowing, just around the corner, all that you want is on it's way to you right now because YOU are Allowing it in.

You're Ready.  Step into the good feelings of remembering what it's like to receive.  Get excited at the prospect of what is coming your way.  Your job is to keep up these vibrations until your desires arrive.  It may take a while or it may be tomorrow, you never know, so just like waiting for Santa to arrive, keep expecting.

Expectation = Assured Delivery.      Belief = Reward      Feeling good = Attracting good

Keep it up, you're going to be pleasantly surprised!

Light and Love..................Margit x