Monday, 7 November 2011

Don't Run Away...

Don't run away when life get's tough
Don't hide away when heartache burns your tears
Try not to think those sorrowful thoughts
Resist curling up in bed wanting to sleep the days away....

One moment in time
Each moment every day
Stare into life and let life ease your pain away
One step at a time is all you need to take....

Time goes by ever slowly at first

Silently quickening over the coming days
Right now you won't feel strong......
But in time, you Will.
Future goodness waits for you, no rush
You'll get there, certainly!

For All of You Who live in Heartache, Here are Answer's to finally Living Pain Free!

Ebb and flow, high and low, good and bad, rise and fall, in and out, up and down.........

You are travelling, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.  Every day passes and in comes another.
Tomorrow is new, it brings a new way, a new look, a new thought and new plans.
Let go of yesterday, it is getting old with every new day.  Be brave and step forward, you are
much stronger inside than you think.

Grief is dealt to everyone, only some choose to hang on longer. Grief does not hold on bitterly,
it does not hold on sorrowfully, it does not hold on anxiously instead it holds for you a key.

Soon a new door is opening, to a life new for you and be reassured it would never have been
offered if the universe did not believe you were ready, even though you may not feel brave.

You are ready, not to move on and forget, but to move on and live life with joy again.  Those
you loved are gone but not forgotten.  But they would never have wanted you to live sad.

Even those who have lost in love know your loved ones looking over you only desire your
happiness.  Holding on to 'what if' anchors you in yesterday for too long.

Plan to live joyously, to live laughingly and more importantly to live authentically.

Your way, your choice, your good scary future waits for you to join in,  Scary because to you
it's the unknown, but good because so much goodness lies in wait that you unaware of. Of course,
you cannot 'see' what lies in store, you're not supposed to yet.  Real joy is in the journey, the
discovering, the deliverence of experience.

Your loved ones want you to sieze the day, sieze your day and take two hands and grab hold
of life and go for the fun of it!  You will cope as you go along, somehow inside you know you will, 
so be brave today and start today.

Light and Love................Margit x

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