Monday, 14 November 2011

How To Stay Positive

Doubt pulls and drags you down like gravity

Fear is like lead weight shoes

Negativity is a thief, running off with positive thoughts

Worry is a broken record, repeating the same dreaded thoughts

Frustration is like being wrapped in strands of restriction

Anger is the untamed beast in everyone

Envy is the brother or sister of greed

Ego is unbalanced energy that destroys harmony

 Laughter is the comic living in your mind

Fun is experiencing each and every moment full present

Joy rises from hope and sings along with happiness

Serenity arrives when peace living inside overcomes the mind

Bliss is the total sum of living life fully without worry

Love dwells in the heart and ignites at our willingness to open

Pleasure comes when we desire to feel wholeheartedly

Hope meets us when we enter dreams and goals of goodness

Every day in every way, we have the will to choose!
Every moment, in every minute we have new desires we set free!
Every thought, every image we imagine brings new faith in tomorrow!
Every good feeling, no matter how small it is,  feel's Fantastic!
Every experience, no matter how minute, leaves us with an impression!
Every person we meet with a smile, no matter what situation, goes away feeling better!
Every time, and without exception, that we think a loving thought about ourselves, we feel good!
Every words, spoken or thought, that is gentle and kind, is a joyous moment for our soul!
Every time, each and every time, we all have time to choose what it is that we shall do.....
Every time we have unlimited powers to change our own lives and the lives of others.
Every time, we just need to be who we want to be.
Every time, thee, you and me!

Light and Love................Margit x

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