Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Set Your Heart Free - Discover Your Soul Love

Set Your Heart Free

 Discover Your Soul Love....

Are you wondering if you will ever really be happy?

Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering why being in a relationship is so hard?

You are not alone - millions of people world wide ask themselves every day "why can't I be happy?"

Millions of people question whether being in love is worth it?  Loving someone can cause heartache, worry, stressful thoughts, anxiety, jealousy and insecurity, just to name a few inner phobia's!

Being loved may bring lack of freedom, emotional suffocation, fears of not being good enough and the worry of losing your partner!  Some people don't know what it's like to be loved or in a long term relationship?  Some people are so fearful of losing their freedom they stay single right into mid life.

Why can Love cause so much doubt?   Do you worry about not finding the love of your life?  Are the years ticking along, are you still single?

Is it really love that causes doubt and fears to rise? Or could it possibly be your doubts and your fears rising as love is a catalyst within you? is coming soon!  A website which will be filled with answers on how to find love, secure love and keep love burning bright!

You will discover how to set YOUR heart free!  You will discover how to stay strong yet open your heart to receiving love and giving love WITHOUT insecurities rising.  You will get proven formula's that will light up your life, bring you REAL happiness and RESTORE genuine friendships and soul partner love in your life!

With over 20 years of professional experience in Personal & Spiritual Development, teaching in classes, workshops and speaking on a multitude of stages, I've discovered there is ONE commen denominator that everyone misses when trying to find love, secure love or keep love in their life!

That ONE KEY missing element is Self-Love!   If you don't have it, you NEED it!  You think you Love yourself fully, you're going to be surprised at just how much more you can top yourself up with more self-love.

Self-Love = Self Assurance.

Every area in your life that you are wanting happiness, contentment or success, REQUIRES that you be Self-Assured first, and then you can easily move into living abundantly!

So, join me here, as I share with you often, How To Find, Secure and Keep Love Longer, and soon you'll be on your way to HAPPINESS, JOY , LOVE and more LAUGHTER then ever before!

I'd love to hear from you what you think?  Leave your comment below!....

Light and Love.....................Margit x

Monday, 5 December 2011

"Are You Ready to Receive Success?"

Are You Ready to Receive Success?

Have you given up on your dreams?

Do the days seem long and tiring?

Do negative thoughts dominate your mind?

It's time to turn it all around!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You know you've want your dreams?

Don't give up now?

Life throws curve balls.  You'll step up to bat and swing and miss sometimes!  It's a fact that some days are better than other days.  But what you forget is that on the day you swing and miss,  is a needed life lesson to mirror to you that you haven't trained your mind and you still focus on what's missing, instead on what you have or what is coming!

What's being taught here?  That you shouldn't focus on here and now?  Well, if here and now, the present, isn't what you want it to be, then no, you shouldn't focus on what you don't have, what hasn't arrived, what hasn't eventuated or what is lacking in your life.

If what is here and now, the present, is what you want, what you expected, what you desired or what makes you happy, then KEEP focusing on those good feelings.  Feeling 'Good' makes a different energy vibration inside you than feeling lousy, and good vibrations attract more good vibrations, which means good energy matches good energy, bringing into your life matches of people, places and things that make you feel good!

Let's get back to your life dreams and your wants and desires.   Dust them off and bring them out into the open again.  Recreate your long lost dreams if you need to with someone else in the dream if you can't dream with the past partner anymore.  Recreate your dream with other people, or places or things if your past means you can no longer be your future.  Remember, it's not about who, what, when or where specifically right now, it's firstly about rejuvinating and regenerating your dreams once again!

So now you know there will be days when your dream stays in the cupboard called your mind and doesn't get a glimpse.  Now you know there will be days when you take your dreams out and use them and play with them and enjoy them for days and days with Joy!

Keep your dreams alive.  You become Ready to Receive Success when your dreams make you feel so good, when your dreams bring you warmth and hope and when your dreams become your strength to overcome doubt and fear.

You are ready to receive success today!  You're more ready than you realise.  You've been dreaming for years and you've asked the universe for years for all that you want and desire.  Now you need to be in 'expectancy' mode, ready to receive any day now, with patience, knowing, just around the corner, all that you want is on it's way to you right now because YOU are Allowing it in.

You're Ready.  Step into the good feelings of remembering what it's like to receive.  Get excited at the prospect of what is coming your way.  Your job is to keep up these vibrations until your desires arrive.  It may take a while or it may be tomorrow, you never know, so just like waiting for Santa to arrive, keep expecting.

Expectation = Assured Delivery.      Belief = Reward      Feeling good = Attracting good

Keep it up, you're going to be pleasantly surprised!

Light and Love..................Margit x

Monday, 28 November 2011

How To Handle Frustrations!

How to Handle Frustrations!

Feeling like you're stuck?
No clear guide lines?
What do you do next?
What's the right way?
How do you deal with people?
What's the right thing to say?
What is the next move?

If you've ever felt frustrated you'll know what it feels like.  It can feel like you're about to burst your bubble, or explode like a vulcano and sometimes it feels like you want to walk away.

Why do you think frustrated feelings rise?  If you believe it's because your hindered by someone else, or something else, then you're belief is that other people or situations can hinder your freedom of choice.

Let's take a quick example to highlight the real reason frustrating feelings rise.

A Mother is rushing to get her child to school on time. Her son son is dawdling and being on time is not a priority to him.  He's young, and enjoys the distraction his toys in his bedroom give him.  His mind wanders to how he hasn't investigated how far his toy robot can shoot his laser beam and as time is on his side while he is young, he take the time to play.

Mum on the otherhand is responsible for her son arriving at school on time, presentable and with recess snacks and lunch, plus all the relevant homework books he brought home the day before.  She tries to teach her son responsibility by shouting orders at him such as 'don't forget to pack your homework!' while she is rushing around the kitchen packing his lunch box and has the ironing board ready to iron his school shirt.

A Mother and a son, two different individuals, with two differing personalities that approach life in two very different ways and ultimately have two extremely different agendas. 

It doesn't matter what scenario brings your frustration, but it will be from a feeling of powerlessness, becoming impatient or trying to hard, too perfectly and controlling an outcome.

In the example you can almost visualise the Mother's impatience at her son's lack of attention to time slipping away and he not getting ready.  The Mother will feel her frustrations risisng and either react or respond, depending on her core belief system. 

What did your Mother used to do or say when she felt frustrated?  What did your Father used to do or say when he felt frustrated?

What do you do or say when you feel frustrated?

Harmony and inner balance brings joy, happiness and peace of mind.  Feeling frustrated diminishes peace.

Your main concern HAS to be on your own inner peace, in any given situation.

Do the waves of life rock you off course?  Do what other people say, or what other people do influence you so much that you lose your sense of balance and inner peace?

Are you, your source of unbalance?  Are you self-critical, self-pressuring and even self-loathing?

Are you just plain hard on yourself?  Where did you learn this?  Where did you see this example and copy it?

Returning to self-support, self-assurance and self-love is the real work and then every day re-aligning, re-balancing and re-gaining confidence, self-trust and all knowing will quieten your frustrations.

Pivot your thoughts instantly you feel frustrated by reminding yourself that you cannot and were not born to, control what other people say or do, or rush results or demand instant delivery of desires!

You will burn valuable energy trying to make things happen, trying to make people do what you want them to do, trying to fix the things in your life you feel need to be fixed.  

Fix your inner harmony first, and then life around you will mirror your inner peace!

Trust money is ready to arrive so it relief is restored, and life around will deliver money!

Walk confidently in the steps you are creating, knowing success is growing, and life will bring you many rewards!

Walk, think, speak and act as if you know a secret, and that secret is that life is matching up all the people, places and things you need in order to have what you've been asking for, and all you have to do is keep your inner peace, because when you're living expecting all good things to come, you walk with the smile of a Cheshire Cat who's knows what's in store and is extremely pleased it's coming!

So in summary, you can now see, perfectly clearly, that frustration is ONLY a signal.  Your signal that YOU are OUT of alignment with self!

Frustrations are signalling you that you're allowing some doubt or fear to ruin your peace of mind, AND, it's YOUR job to rectify your inner balance immediately.

Pivot your thoughts in an instant and sit back and allow it to unfold, for it will be perfect if you just get out of the way of controlling.

The wise Mother would stop flurring away in the kitchen, and become aware of that familiar sound of joy coming from her Son's room.  She would calmly walk to his bedroom and upon seeing her son playing, kneel down to him and connect.  Touching him gently, looking in his eyes warmly, she would say 'I'm glad that you are enjoying yourself but now it is time to enjoy and share with your school friends, let me help you get ready'.

Her warmth of understanding, her compassion at his youthful ignorance of time, restores a connection of trust between Mother and son and he immediately shares his verbal excitement at what he wants his toy robot to do as he is holding her hand and walking back to his bed to pack his school bag with his homework. 

Two minutes of connecting removes all possible frustration and disharmony and swiftly exemplifies from Mother to child a life lesson in trust, society's rules and that love is the master of any peaceful co-operation.

How can you remove the frustrations from your life?  Shouldn't the real question be, "How Can You Restore Harmony?"

Next time you feel frustrated, maybe something's not happening quick enough, maybe you have no proof that all is well, or you can't see your way to succeed.....take a moment and pivot your thoughts on restoring self-harmony.  Relax, unwind and let Mother Nature remind you, that everything in your life is perfectly lined up and sometimes you're not supposed to 'see' it all before hand.

Light and Love.................Margit x

Monday, 21 November 2011

"Do You Feel Like You Belong?"

Do You Feel Like You Belong?

Do some days feel like the lonliest?  Do some weeks feel like the longest?

Is there a feeling inside where you're not sure you feel anything in particular?

We all need to feel like we belong.  We need to belong to our neighbourhood, we need to feel like we're in the right home, the right place, the right address, the right job, the right career, the right relationship and even the right shape we think our body should be!

Do you sometimes feel you're OK, not better, not worse, but doing ok?

When was the last time you knew that you were on the right path?  When was the last time you were overjoyed at knowing you were on your way, that you'd found the right way, that you'd discovered everything was going to be ok?  Was that a long time ago or yesterday?

Sometimes in life, things happen that shock us.  Things like getting fired from your job when you never saw it coming.  Something like being given a diagnosis when you didn't think it was possible.  Or like when your pet dies suddenly, all these things and much more can be a shock to the emotional system.

Did you know that shock can shut down our desire to dream.  That a shock in life, like a parent dying, can set us into a holding pattern where we feel we're not really moving ahead.  It's like going round and round in circles, living life, but not really moving forward as the pace as the rest of those we see around us.

Then to top it all off, our mind begins to questions our holding pattern, and thoughts like "it's ground hog week again, why can't some excitement happen or why can't I find what I'm looking for and break this mundane cyle of existence?"  and even thoughts of "I'll settle for this, life is OK, it's ok, I'm ok"

What breaks the pattern of mediocrate is feeling like you belong.  Once you get that feeling, that you feel relieved, you're finally in the right place, with the right people, or right person, or right job, or right house.....a wave of relief washes over you.

It's like a fog lifts from your mind and heart and you can feel again.  And feel you do......because mundane, ho hum feelings can change into joyous feelings in a flash.  All because you have finally felt like you belong, or you finally feel as if you've found that missing link, that missing knowing that everything's going to be MORE than OK.

Join a Meditation class.  Find out what it feels like to belong.  To be in a like-minded group of individuals, that all agree on a level and maybe agree on many levels.  Find out what it's like to be in discussions, conversations and communications with people where you get to share your opinion and ideas and their not rebuked.

Find something, somewhere and someone that makes you finally feel like you belong.  Because when you do feel like you belong, you'll feel on top of the world again, and you'll feel like you can begin again, and you'll start to really dream and want your dreams to come true.

What does it take?  It takes you agreeing, accepting and allowing a small change to occur in your daily life style and through this change, you'll feel like you finally belong.  And when you feel like you belong, you'll feel like you've FOUND you again.

Where were you?  Hibernating for a while.  But, the time's coming to you to come out and step out.

Like the Polar Bear that burried itself in the winter snow, it's now time for YOU to come out into the Sun, and discover what it's like outside again.  You just have to take one step in front of the other, and soon enough, life itself will welcome you back onto your path once more.  It was always there, but maybe just covered up by the snow (thoughts).

Light and Love..................Margit x

Monday, 14 November 2011

How To Stay Positive

Doubt pulls and drags you down like gravity

Fear is like lead weight shoes

Negativity is a thief, running off with positive thoughts

Worry is a broken record, repeating the same dreaded thoughts

Frustration is like being wrapped in strands of restriction

Anger is the untamed beast in everyone

Envy is the brother or sister of greed

Ego is unbalanced energy that destroys harmony

 Laughter is the comic living in your mind

Fun is experiencing each and every moment full present

Joy rises from hope and sings along with happiness

Serenity arrives when peace living inside overcomes the mind

Bliss is the total sum of living life fully without worry

Love dwells in the heart and ignites at our willingness to open

Pleasure comes when we desire to feel wholeheartedly

Hope meets us when we enter dreams and goals of goodness

Every day in every way, we have the will to choose!
Every moment, in every minute we have new desires we set free!
Every thought, every image we imagine brings new faith in tomorrow!
Every good feeling, no matter how small it is,  feel's Fantastic!
Every experience, no matter how minute, leaves us with an impression!
Every person we meet with a smile, no matter what situation, goes away feeling better!
Every time, and without exception, that we think a loving thought about ourselves, we feel good!
Every words, spoken or thought, that is gentle and kind, is a joyous moment for our soul!
Every time, each and every time, we all have time to choose what it is that we shall do.....
Every time we have unlimited powers to change our own lives and the lives of others.
Every time, we just need to be who we want to be.
Every time, thee, you and me!

Light and Love................Margit x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

How You Can Build a Better Life

Belive in Yourself first, then gradually day by day, week by week your faith in your inner being, that natural organic goodness will return.

All too often it's easy to lose hope, to become despondent and to worry too much.  It takes courage to keep walking into tomorrow with the feeling that you didn't like today.  

It takes discipline to push the negative thoughts out of your mind only focusing on the positive ones, only wanting to hear those uplifting thoughts that make you feel better.

It takes willingness to want a better future and being prepared to wake up the next day and face what may come.   It takes belief in the knowledge it can't always be hard, it can't always be rough and remembering you have had good days in the past sometimes, so good days can happen again.

It takes wisdom to follow the beat to your distant drummer, and to walk bravely into the day not knowing what lies in store but feeling content you'll be fine, come what may.

It takes insight to be grateful for the small bonuses in life, for small pleasures, for all the good moments that added up to a joyful time.  It takes wanting to laugh, looking for love, searching for self esteem and longing for increased happiness that powers you on to go forward without a life map in your hand.

All of these little traits such as bravery, courage, wisdom and inner knowing come from your soul and are always present inside you.  Funny, how little time you spend sensing your intuition, feeling your gut feelings and more importantly following your sixth sense.

If only, you trusted yourself more. If only, you did what you thought you ought to do.  If only, you turned left instead of right when you felt it should be left but ignored that feeling inside.  If only you called that friend when the thought came into your mind instead of dismissing it and not ringing.  If only you loved yourself and if only you knew how powerful you really are and if only you used that inner knowing to live life joyfully.

If only you knew all this yesterday instead of getting angry and if only you could apologise to yourself first as well as others. If only you didn't take things so personally.  If only.......

Tomorrow is another day, a new day with new ways and you can follow your intution, follow your gut feelings and feel better about yourself and life in general.  You can, and eventually you will.

For every client who comes to me wanting to find happiness and make it can!  If only you knew, what you already knew!

Light and Love....................Margit x

Monday, 7 November 2011

Don't Run Away...

Don't run away when life get's tough
Don't hide away when heartache burns your tears
Try not to think those sorrowful thoughts
Resist curling up in bed wanting to sleep the days away....

One moment in time
Each moment every day
Stare into life and let life ease your pain away
One step at a time is all you need to take....

Time goes by ever slowly at first

Silently quickening over the coming days
Right now you won't feel strong......
But in time, you Will.
Future goodness waits for you, no rush
You'll get there, certainly!

For All of You Who live in Heartache, Here are Answer's to finally Living Pain Free!

Ebb and flow, high and low, good and bad, rise and fall, in and out, up and down.........

You are travelling, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast.  Every day passes and in comes another.
Tomorrow is new, it brings a new way, a new look, a new thought and new plans.
Let go of yesterday, it is getting old with every new day.  Be brave and step forward, you are
much stronger inside than you think.

Grief is dealt to everyone, only some choose to hang on longer. Grief does not hold on bitterly,
it does not hold on sorrowfully, it does not hold on anxiously instead it holds for you a key.

Soon a new door is opening, to a life new for you and be reassured it would never have been
offered if the universe did not believe you were ready, even though you may not feel brave.

You are ready, not to move on and forget, but to move on and live life with joy again.  Those
you loved are gone but not forgotten.  But they would never have wanted you to live sad.

Even those who have lost in love know your loved ones looking over you only desire your
happiness.  Holding on to 'what if' anchors you in yesterday for too long.

Plan to live joyously, to live laughingly and more importantly to live authentically.

Your way, your choice, your good scary future waits for you to join in,  Scary because to you
it's the unknown, but good because so much goodness lies in wait that you unaware of. Of course,
you cannot 'see' what lies in store, you're not supposed to yet.  Real joy is in the journey, the
discovering, the deliverence of experience.

Your loved ones want you to sieze the day, sieze your day and take two hands and grab hold
of life and go for the fun of it!  You will cope as you go along, somehow inside you know you will, 
so be brave today and start today.

Light and Love................Margit x